About ARF

The ARF Story

I founded the Animal Rescue Fund because I care about animals and want to help each and every one that comes into my life.  I do not have the home environment  to be able to foster these needy souls myself, yet wanted to help.  After some extensive research within the animal community, I found that the way for me to make as big a difference as possible was to raise funds to help the best  local Animal Rescues.  Having over 10 years of experience in opening and operating Thrift Stores for Non Profit organizations in both Massachusetts and Florida, I knew that this was the way for me to raise the most funds for these organizations to help even more animals.

The next and most difficult task was to find out which organizations were doing the best work and would benefit from additional funding.  In the end I decided among the many great local organizations that help animals in the area, 2 stood out because of their commitment to the animals.  I am proud to be able to announce that  Good Karma Pet Rescue and Lady Luck Animal Rescue are the main beneficiaries of the proceeds of Animal Rescue Funds efforts.  I am awed and humbled  to join forces with such caring committed people.


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